Office AutomationBusiness Systems

Office Automation 5.0
Your complete administrative, operational network marketing software solution. Manage inventory, transact, and fulfill orders; manage and pay commissions to sales reps. Execute scheduled and auto-responder emails/SMS (text) messages to your reps and customers. Completely integrated with all Prodigix Distributor Tools to give you a seamless, automated business system.

Prodigix Commission Engine 1.5
Easily develop and stage your multi-tiered MLM compensation plan. Take advantage of over a decade of commission plan development by our team of talented engineers. Choose your plan type, rank qualifications and bonus type--most of your plan can be built with a few clicks. Use Commission Engine with our systems, or use as a stand-alone, in-the-cloud component with your existing order-entry eCommerce system.


Distributor ToolsDistributor Tools

Replicated Web Sites
Independent distributors get a personalized web site based on your company web site design. Customers can buy and new distributors can sign up while the system tracks the referring distributor.

Distributor Signup Page
Completely integrated with your distributor replicated web sites so applicants can enroll to become in independent distributors.

Retail Shopping Cart
Fully featured, easy-to-navigate shopping solution so customers can buy products from the sponsoring distributor's web site; commissions flow to sponsor and push to upline.

Distributor Back-office
Give your distributors the tools they need to manage their sales organization. Communication tools, downline graphical tree view, and drill down reports; company calendar, documents library, and more.


Marketing SystemsMarketing Systems

Customer Acquisition (phase 1)
Jump start your business by retailing your products directly and building customer loyalty first. Use this solid foundation to fund the setup and growth of your new network marketing venture!

Customer-to-Distributor Conversion (phase 2)
Convert your most excited customers into key distributors. Involve your sales leadership in this process to mitigate the costs.

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Start-Up Bundle

Everything you need to get started, including a simple commission plan, for less than $7,000.

Enterprise Solutions

Solutions for companies with more sophisticated needs. All types of compensation plans available - binary, hybrids, matrix and unilvel. Start for less than $15,000.